9-year-old boy performing Whitney Austin music becomes online star

A 9-year-old is the latest online feeling, performing a well used music and making an incredible number of new lovers.

You've probably performed Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," in the car or bath too, but when Dane Burns performed it, more than five thousand people viewed it.

Dane was developed with Down problem and resides in Flourish, Florida, reviews KTVT. It was documented Thursday, as the 9-year-old's dad was generating with him. Members of the family members distributed it on Facebook or myspace, and it's almost as popular as the Whitney Austin edition.

"We did just observe a documented on her about a month ago, and so he began installing some of her music and that was the one he just got trapped on," said mom Danna Burns.

Dane's mom said she can't believe the reaction the movie has gotten.

"Just studying the feedback, they're so lovely. I get psychological. Even some other family members that have Down problem kids have published images of their kids," she said.
The family said they've began a YouTube route for him: it's known as Awesome Dane.