EXCLUSIVE: California Atlanta Range Toss Impressive Bachelor's Celebration,

 Vow Restoration in Florida Atlanta Range hit the Las Las vegas remove for their "Smooth" video, placing on a famous bachelor bash and vow renewal for famous songwriter and their long time buddy, Todd Wiseman (aka "Cat Father," as namechecked in the song's lyrics), and his spouse, KK. FGL's Mark Kelley had written the therapy and provided as the televisions co-director together with TK McKamy.
"[I'm] really looking forward to the 'Smooth' video, it's my new co-directing," Kelley says in the featurette above. "It's been fantastic to create the therapy and see it gradually become more active."
The video begins with Kelley and Tyler Hubbard -- generating a vehicle loaded with their trademark Old Camping tequila -- damaged down on the side of the street outside Las vegas, only to be selected up by Cat Father (driving a percolate gum light red "Caddy from San diego, baby," natch) and an Elvis imitator. Meanwhile, there's a set of FGL throwback look-alikes maintaining their attractions set on the people whole time.
"What's occurring is, THubb and BK are neighbor's on us from the shrubs here in the wasteland," the actual, present-day THubb describes. "They're kind of KK's agents -- they're making sure we make it to the marriage."
The event ends in a lovely, real-life vow renewal between the Wisemans at the enduring Little White-colored Wedding Church. The couple has been wedded since 1994.
"KK and Todd actually just restored their wedding vows," Hubbard says. "Cat Father amazed her with an amazing, custom-made engagement band. [It's a] really unique time here on set, so it's amazing, fantastic, to experience that.
"Gotta really like Cat Father, man," he gushes. "He's unique -- greatest center in the world, right here, so BK and I discovered a lot from him. We really like this man."
This isn't initially the nation duo has selected Las vegas as the history for videos. ET was with the people in the wasteland on the set of their "Sippin' on Fire" video back in 2015 -- just before Hubbard's own bachelor party! Have a look under the surface, below.