Game of Thrones recap: 'The Queen's Justice'

The war of the 2 queens is currently totally current in another surprise-packed episode of Game of Thrones, including the long-awaited meeting of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen — among several alternative developments. There was a serious Stark reunion (but not the one you expected), the loss of a lover favorite, a completely distressing torture scene, and additional within the capably titled “The Queen’s Justice,” associate episode that showed Cersei and Daenerys coping with threats and challenges in rather other ways. however we have a tendency to begin with…
Dragonstone: Jon and Davos reach the beach to seek out Jon’s
season one travel companion Tyrion waiting to escort him. Davos maintains his equanimity quite professionally for a person UN agency lost his son once Tyrion blew up his fleet within the Battle of the disease. A dragon dive-bombs Jon, and he throws himself to the bottom in shock. observation GoT characters get freaked out by dragons ne'er gets old; if Westeros had YouTube, it might be packed with prank clips showing individuals obtaining stunned by dragons (or, as Tyrion puts it, “I’d say you get wont to them, however you ne'er very do”).
Jon associated Tyrion have an exchange regarding Sansa wherever he reassures he ne'er consummated  his wedding. Jon makes it sound like he willn’t care however we have a tendency to suspect he on the QT does. “She’s smarter than she lets on,” Tyrion says, to that Jon with humor shoots back: “She’s beginning to divulge.”
Nearby, Melisandre and Varys have a talk by the drop-off. Melisandre doesn’t tempt fate by revealing her presence to Davos, UN agency swore he’d kill her if he sees her once more. We’re reminded that Varys very dislikes sorcerers subsequently mysterious wizard mutilated him as a toddler.
Varys threatens her to not come to Westeros, to that mind-freak Melisandre replies: “I can come pricey Spider, one last time. I actually have to die during this strange country, similar to you.”
Varys isn’t simply hot and bothered, however this psychic foreshadowing visibly throws him. will this mean neither of those characters can survive the ultimate season? Not essentially, however it actually doesn’t prognosticate well. i might find it irresistible if Melsandre really had no clue however Varys was planning to die and was simply f—ing with him.
Jon reaches the throne area, and that we finally get an instant that we’ve been waiting seven seasons to witness: Daenerys meeting Jon, UN agency momentarily overtly gawks at her. Why, appointments in Westeros ne'er prove this well! however they quickly get right down to business. Jon says he’s not at Dragonstone to “bend the knee,” a phrase that’s not imagined to be sexual, however we have a tendency to can’t facilitate however have bound Thoughts during this context. In fact, Jon challenges the terribly notion that a Stark ought to be below a Targaryen, and therefore the couple commit to high every others’ lineage claims. this is often like Seven Kingdoms royalty sex — no, my claim is dominant and yours is submissive!
Dany surprises Jon — and North American nation too, a trifle — by admitting her father was associate “evil man” and apologizes for his crimes against the Starks. She rather impassionately lets him apprehend all the hell she’s more experienced to induce here, which she’s survived by having religion in herself.
Jon tries to clarify the complete White Walker scenario. however his crazy-sounding threats regarding dead individuals square measure a complete turn-off, and Dany has zero interest within the subject. If this were associate actual date, she would suddenly need to leave as a result of, oh, she really forgot all that one issue she had to try to to. Dany’s stance is basically: I can’t be discomposed together with your zombie story line; I’m attempting to play Game of Thrones and you’re talking regarding The Walking Dead. Her reaction is confessedly a small indefinite quantity narrow for someone UN agency will practice hearth associated rides dragons — she’s approach nearer to living in an Anne McCaffrey paperback than he's.
Overall its a scene that's not the moment romantic chemistry fans might need expected — they’re each quite aggravated by the opposite and attempting to work out a way to come back to some quite productive agreement. they're extremely spectacular leaders UN agency simply happen to own wildly completely different priorities at once. In fact, there’s such a lot happening during this scene we have a tendency to might pay the complete recap on the Jon and Dany meeting alone (“I am the last Targaryen!” she declares at one purpose and we’re all, Umm, don’t be thus certain regarding that).
Eventually, Dany orders Jon to travel to his area like he’s a mopey stripling. He asks if he’s a unfortunate person and Dany suggests he could be, however one who’s being treated super nicely till she figures out what to try to to with him (many Jon Snow fans, I’m sure, have suggestions). NEXT: A Lannister pays her debt, with interest