Microsoft's Windows Phone Mistakes and therefore the Dream Of Windows ten S Success

Microsoft's Windows Phone was several things to several folks. Some saw a contemporary check up on handling data on a mobile device and some way to interrupt out of the ‘app silo’ of knowledge. Others saw a ultimate commit to be patient mechanical man and iOS and a lost likelihood to make on the US success of Windows Mobile… however virtually everybody agrees that one among the largest problems was the dearth of third-party applications. because the alternative platforms picked up a important mass of apps, Windows Phone was left behind.
So why is Microsoft risking a similar fate with the ‘Windows Store apps only’ policy on Windows ten S? Why is Microsoft bothering with Windows ten S at all? i feel it’s concerning setting a semipermanent goal.

A read of the new Microsoft Surface laptop computer following a Microsoft launch event (Photo by role player Angerer/Getty Images)
While it's and acts just like the full-blown sitting version of Windows ten, Windows ten S could be a rather more restricted OS compared to the parent. however it’s additionally Associate in Nursing OS that's progressing to be updated as Microsoft works towards a remote goal.
The most notable machine with Windows ten S is that the Surface laptop computer, however that machine additionally comes with a proposal of a free (but one way) upgrade to Windows ten. in contrast to Windows Phone, users aren't progressing to be left in an exceedingly restricted system. If they have to interrupt out they will. That gets Windows ten S out into the market, however it doesn’t leave power users with a game machine.
Windows ten S is being pushed heavily within the academic setting. this can be a section wherever Windows ten S has several key traits that creates it enticing. The fastened down browser, totally encrypted disk, the flexibility to solely run apps from the Windows Store, and Windows Defender trying over the machine offers a secure setting. that may even have Associate in Nursing charm to the Enterprise market furthermore wherever secure machines square measure in serious demand.
As for transportation developers into the system, Microsoft would love developers to use the Universal Windows Platform app system, that gets apps within the Windows Store and accessible on each Windows ten and Windows ten S (and arguably with to a small degree push, Windows ten for Mobile). however it'll even be observing the potential growth in progressive internet apps and reminding developers that wrapping up a progressive internet app in a {very} standalone Edge application program window could be a very straightforward method.