Rachel Lindsay Breaks Down During Heartbreaking Final Eliminations Ahead of Bachelorette Hometown Dates

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation. On Monday’s episode, Rachel Lindsay and therefore the six remaining guys flew to Geneva, Switzerland, for the ultimate dates previous hometowns.
Tensions were high, and that they crept even higher once Rachel proclaimed that on, they might be doing things a bit otherwise and nixing the rose ceremony — instead, there have been 3 one-on-one dates and one “group date,” a.k.a. a three-on-one. A rose was up for grabs on
every date, that whittled it all the way down to the ultimate four men World Health Organization would get to bring Rachel home to fulfill their families.


At now, of the six men left, two had still never gotten a one-on-one with Rachel: Adam and Matt. So when Rachel showed up to the guys’ hotel room in Geneva and announced that the first one-on-one date was going to Bryan, it didn’t exactly bode well with the rest of the group — but she asked that they trust her and her decisions.
Rachel and Bryan then took off to explore the city, first stopping by a high-end watch store where Rachel purchased one for him and one for herself. (Special shout-out to that salesman who had to watch them sucking face for half the appointment.)
To kick off the evening portion of their date, Rachel and Bryan had the exact same conversation they have every single time they interact: Rachel speculates that Bryan is too good of a catch to be true, which, indeed, seems most likely, and Bryan reassures Rachel that that’s not the case, and then they make out some more, just for good measure.
Rachel then asked Bryan about his upbringing (his mom put him in a private all-boys school because he asked for an earring in the 4th grade, so do with that information what you will), and Bryan asked Rachel all about her high school uniform because, well, men. Then they got on the topic of Bryan’s most recent relationship, and he told an elaborate story about an ex who apparently dumped him because she couldn’t get along with his mom. Good luck out there, Rachel.
Anyway, obviously, Bryan got the rose, as a result of Rachel is just about uptake out of the palm of his hand at now. however a number of the opposite guys aren’t therefore certain concerning him, together with Dean, World Health Organization thinks Bryan may be a “37-year-old man living in Miami World Health Organization has spent the last 18-plus years of his life ill  and sweet-talking girls on a each day, to the purpose wherever he’s gotten sensible at it.”
The next guy to land a one-on-one was Dean, that left the remainder of the lads — particularly Adam and Matt — even a lot of confused.
Rachel took Dean to an area Sunday mass, because, as she explained, she’s craving for somebody World Health Organization shares similar values as her once it involves religion. (She doesn’t would like her future husband to “worship within the same way” or follow an equivalent faith as her, however she desires somebody World Health Organization “honors and respects” her religion.)
They spent the remainder of the day exploring Geneva’s historic previous city, walking hand-in-hand through the peaceful cobble-stoned streets. however one thing was clearly on Dean’s mind, and he admitted in a very booth that he was afraid to inform Rachel concerning his “awkward family dynamic” previous a possible town date.
“My family isn't a conventional family,” he said. “Rachel has no idea what she would be walking into if she were to commit to a hometown.”
Meanwhile, Rachel was pretty much begging Dean to open up about himself so they could take their relationship to a deeper level. Poor Dean squirmed his way out of the whole thing, instead hitting Rachel with riveting questions like “What’s your favorite dinosaur?” and “Do you believe in the tooth fairy?” (Ironic, because this conversation was much like pulling teeth.)
Finally, by the time the evening portion of the date rolled around, there was no avoiding the tough topics any longer. Dean admitted that the looming hometowns dates had been making him anxious because of the strained relationship he has with his father, which began after he lost his mom to cancer at 15.
“The first 15 years of my life, my father was the person that was like, ‘Hey, let’s go dirt biking,’ or ‘Hey, let’s go snowboarding,’ ” he explained. “He was never the person that was like: ‘Hey, let me drive you to school,’ or ‘Let me take you to lunch.’ He was never that guy.”
“When my mother passed away … he wasn’t able to flip the switch and become that person that I needed him to be, and it took a big hit on our relationship,” he continued. “He’s just not a person that has any bearing on my emotional experience, and he’s become quite a bit more eccentric. So what I wish you could see is the family that I had in my most developmental years of zero-15, and not the family that abandoned me at the most vulnerable time in my life.”
Rachel ended up giving Dean the rose, explaining that she didn’t need her future partner to have a picture-perfect family anyway.
“I gave Dean the rose because I saw him for who he is with no walls up — unapologetically himself,” she said. “It made me like him that much more. I’m honored to be able to go home with him.”
Last but not least, the final one-on-one date before hometowns went to Peter. The two took a helicopter out to the Alps, and Peter confessed that throughout the whole experience, there had been some “dark days” — and that on those days, he wasn’t always sure if he wanted to stick around. While she was appreciative of his honesty, Rachel had to admit that it stung to hear him say he had considered leaving.
Later that night, Peter opened up about his family, reassuring Rachel that yes, his parents were going to love her, and no, he’d never dated a black woman before, but that wouldn’t matter to them.
The only red flag? Peter did seem slightly hesitant when it came to whether or not he’s ready to commit to marriage — though he promised to always be honest with her.
“What if he’s the one standing at the top and he doesn’t need to urge down on one knee?” Rachel aforesaid. “That scares Pine Tree State, and that i don’t understand what to try to to.”
But the center needs what it needs — she ultimately set that Peter was “worth the risk” and handed  out her third rose.
Rachel’s cluster date with the remaining 3 guys cut right to the chase: As presently as they need to their destination in France, Rachel took every of them aside for a few one-on-one time.
The first guy to travel was Matt, and poor Rachel was crying throughout the whole breakup. (Hats off to you, Matt, for taking your glass of champagne with you within the automobile. it absolutely was solely right.)
That night, Rachel was tasked with {yet another|yet one a lot of|one more} elimination when disbursal some more alone time with each Adam and Eric. (Fun aspect note: Eric is twenty nine and has neverintroduced a woman to his family.)
Ultimately, she sent Adam home — however she still has some robust choices to create within the coming back weeks.
“I guess as a result of I feel therefore powerfully at once concerning multiple guys in a very means that I didn’t before, I’m simply broken at my core by this complete expertise,” she admitted. “I desire this complete journey is truly happening on behalf of me — and that’s exciting.”