UFC Fight Night 113 results from last night: Gunnar Nelson vs Santiago Ponzinibbio fight recap

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) enterprising Welterweight contenders Gunnar Nelson and Santiago Ponzinibbio clashed yesterday (July sixteen, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 113 at the SSE Hydro in city, Scotland.
Nelson came into this bout with a good little bit of momentum behind him, having stifled 3 of his last four foes with solely prime competitor Demian genus Maia standing out because the exception. Nelson has been sharp, and this was his fight to solidify his spot within the prime ten and start to seem ahead within the rankings another time.
Heading into this fight, a good range of UFC fans didn’t ver
y have robust reminiscences of Ponzinibbio. That’s a results of having undergone wars on the undercard of huge events or on the most card of Fight Night cards, however he had a chance to actually build a reputation for himself here.
Nelson unfolded together with his usual movement, springing forward and hanging early. He landed a nasty blow that perceived to wobble “Gente Boa,” and he scored with some laborious kicks shortly once. Ponzinibbio perceived to be a trifle unsettled by his opponent’s vary, and he was patient in making an attempt to induce a scan.
Then, one paw modified everything.CLICK HERE
As Nelson jumped in behind a left hook, Ponzinibbio’s cross landed 1st. Nelson dropped to the ground briefly and tried to scramble up, but he found himself trapped against the fence. Ponzinibbio flurried and before long a clean jab snapped Nelson’s head back and sent his eyes deep into the back of his head. This time, a few follow up punches brought an official end to the bout.
Ponzinibbio can punch, man.
Nelson may have looked real sharp in the opening minute, but it only took a single right hand — admittedly with perfect timing — to mess all that up. Ponzinibbio countered Nelson’s lunge perfectly, and once he had his man hurt, he followed up with a particularly violent flurry.
As mentioned in the lead up, that jab is nasty!
You don’t need takedown defense or a jiu-jitsu black belt — things “Gente Boa” have in his back pocket — when you knock your foe out in the first round.
As for Nelson, he looked NASTY on his feet until he didn’t. His speed advantage was immediately apparent, as he was able to get off his strikes before Ponzinibbio could react. His early strikes were impressive, and they seemed to set a bad tone for Ponzinibbio.
Then Nelson misjudged range, got too shut, and it had been everywhere.