Gupchup leads University of Pharmacy’s persistence for knowledge, service

EDWARDSVILLE — Under the management of Dean Gireesh Gupchup, PhD, the Southern The state of illinois University Edwardsville University of Drugstore (SOP) is teaching and motivating doctors to think across professions and really create a change.
On Thursday, Aug. 7, the University accepted its latest cohort of scholars into its interprofessional group that principles knowledge, grant and repair.
Gupchup features the School’s objective and vision in this video.
“The SIUE University of Drugstore has developed extremely since its beginning, and that’s acknowledged to team effort from dedicated and inspired employees, employees and learners,” Gupchup said. “The educational experience our learners receive focuses on variety and addition, international possibilities, medical expertise and developments in analysis.”
According to data from the Nationwide Association of Boards of Drugstore, when the 2009-2016 finishing classes are considered together, the SOP positions number one among the eight programs in The state of illinois and Mo, with a 96 percent first-attempt board pass rate, going above condition and national earnings.

Gupchup focuses on four bedrocks of success in the SOP, including student-centered approach, employees and employees participation and accomplishment, analysis and scholarly activities, and participation to the group.
“We’ve created medical and non-clinical encounters that reveal our learners to what is happening in the real life,” he said. “Our employees model why it’s essential to play a role to the group through their participation in condition and national management. Current learners and graduates are also being recognized as management on national level committees.”
The SOP’s central degree is the enhanced doctor of pharmacy (PharmD), which is achieved through an impressive patient-centered knowledge utilizing state-of-the-art technology, new classes and labs. Other degrees, accreditations and areas of expertise supplement the PharmD such as the joint PharmD/MBA program, areas of expertise in knowledge and pediatric medicine, and online accreditations in business management and wellness informatics. The SOP also offers a master’s in drug science.
“The PharmD program includes courses in variety and addition, an array of international possibilities, and self-study, separate analysis and analysis onboard course options,” Gupchup described. “These improvements, which create the enhanced PharmD, have been major for university student growth.
“A new program will start in 2018 and focus even more on the contemporary issues of interprofessional knowledge. In addition to the main medical aspects, it focuses on personal and professional growth.”
The SOP’s international relationships have significantly grown, improving students’ social proficiency and understanding of medical care distribution around the globe. Global possibilities include locations in Costa Rica, Honduras, Indian, Barbados and Haiti.
“These possibilities convert the way learners think,” Gupchup said. “We’re consistently working to build more international wellness knowledge possibilities.”
“We’re a small school,” he added. “We value group interaction and participation to the group. We’re developing and strengthening future pharmacy management who will really create a change.”