Men's prejudiced behavior 'shaped by first visibility to pornography'

The age at which a men first recognizes porn is associated with certain prejudiced behavior in the future, according to an organization of scientists from the School of Nebraska.
Their study exposed young the first watching happened, the more likely a men was to want control over females.
While if they were older, they were more likely to be intimately promiscuous.
Of the 330 undergraduates interviewed, with a normal age of 20, the common age they first saw porn was 13.
The newest was only five, while the earliest was 26.
The unregistered results were provided at a conference in California.
Playboy lifestyle
Lead specialist Alyssa Bischmann and her group requested the men, a large proportion of whom were heterosexual and white, when they first saw adult and whether it was deliberate, random or pressured.
They were then requested 46 questions which calculated how they adapted to one of two behavioral characteristics - looking for control over females or intimately promiscuous behavior and living a playboy magazine lifestyle.
They found those who saw adult young were most likely to believe the fact with claims that stated men popularity, such as "things usually be better when men are in charge".
The scientists were amazed to find that seeing adult in the future was associated with a playboy magazine lifestyle, such as choosing to frequently change sex-related associates.
Researcher Christina Richardson said this could be because those who were confronted with adult early often did not appreciate sex in the actual world.
"These men often have a lot of efficiency anxiety with females in the actual world. Sexual encounters don't go as organized or the way they do in porn," she said.
Alternatively "those who see adult later, appreciate sex in the actual world more and therefore might be more likely to live a playboy magazine lifestyle".
The research, which was provided at the United states Emotional Association's yearly conference, did not take into account how much adult the men viewed, the type of adult or other market aspects, such as their socio-economic qualifications.
It could also have been other character characteristics that identified when the men were confronted with adult.
'Sexually deskilled'
Peter Saddington, sex specialist at connection support company Associate, said: "Pornography can and does have an effect on many young men's behavior to sex.
"The result can be that young men create prejudiced behavior and are basically intimately deskilled."
Either way, Ms Richardson says adult "is not the best thing for men".
She included that young men needed "better heroines to build up more healthy values about masculinity".