New Nokia eight Leak Highlights Finland's utterly Boring Smartphone

The come back of the Nokia name to the smartphone market continues. the amount sales of the mid-range Nokia three, Nokia 5, and Nokia six are the monetary foot troopers that facilitate HMD international go from a Finnish-based start-up to a longtime player within the smartphone world.
The forthcoming Nokia eight is that the phone that the geekerati ar anticipating, with its flower 835 system on chip, Zeis hopped-up twin camera system, and therefore the giant five.7 in. screen. Last we tend toek we saw leaked pictures that confirmed the existence of the gold copper color. more leaked imageshave
shown the color and style, confirming the alternatives.
It conjointly highlights why the Nokia eight (which is arguably HMD’s flagship handset) goes to seek out it tough in any head-to-head comparisons with devices just like the iPhone eight or Galaxy S8. the present leading edge fashion in smartphone style is edge-to-edge screens with nominal bezels. the particular screen might not be sickle-shaped, however the highest glass graciously conveyance the highest surface all the way down to a slender chassis.
Nokia eight leaked footage (Baidu/SuomiMobili)
The Nokia 8’s screen could also be the most important in HMD’s portfolio if it's, obviously, declared on August sixteenth, however it’s aiming to be a screen style that's not aiming to look as recent and as exciting because the competition. The bezels ar clearly visible and therefore the style might echo previous Nokia handsets however it’s aiming to leave the new Android-powered handsets at an obstacle in any ‘whats’s the difference’ titled articles.
But at a similar time it conjointly shows HMD’s strategy and reinforces the Nokia complete. These new Nokia handsets aren’t regarding leading edge vogue and charm or staying on prime of trends. They capture the spirit of the Nokia complete from the first 21st century that providing powerful handsets at a {price} for cash price purpose. Those handsets might not have looked stunning however they got the work done.
That’s what HMD is hoping to capture with the Nokia eight because it leaves the garage and lead the portfolio of workhorse smartphones into the last half of 2017.